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tsukino-chaan ^_~<3
30 March 2006 @ 06:00 pm
Sorry loves, This journal has now become....

COMMENT to be Added. (:

Reason Why?: So I'd feel more comfortable writing deeper thoughts without paranoia.

I love making new friends and I'm not really strict with friend adding. As long as your nice, share some interests, and comment once in a while, and non-bitchy, I'll most likely add you. :]
DON'T add me just to make your friends list longer! Who cares how much friends you have! It's the quality that counts yo'. ;]

So... That's it! XDDDDD
{ panikku!<3 }
tsukino-chaan ^_~<3
28 March 2006 @ 05:56 pm
Sorry... I was a little hyper when I did trhis... ^-^;;;;;;

The ULTIMATE JRock Survey
265 Questions for the Not-Too-Faint of Heart
Stolen from someone I didn't know

001) How did you discover JRock? 1ex: i looked up jrock on kazaa. i didn't like it that much 2ex: drea told me a song called "kurenai" by x japan and i looked it up. i really liked it. 3rd ex: I kept on finding the name "dir en grey" all over the place. So I looked it up on Kazaa. xD I expected them to be a band like w-ind. xDD;; but this time, I LOVED IT.
002) When did you discover JRock? Early 2003/Late 2002
003) So how long have you been a fan then? 2 years and 5 months
004) Are you a fan of Visual Kei? VK is BEAUTIFUL LOVE.
005) Are you a fan of JPop? Yeah
006) Are you a fan of fanservice? Yes. X3

007) First solo artist you heard? Gackt. I didn't like him the first time, but the 3rd time I looked up Jrock, I loved him. :D I was too much of a anime jpopper when xD;
008) First band/group you heard? X japan
009) First JRock crush? geez... Kyo! (dir en grey)
010) First JRocker to scare you? Kyo.. XD
011) First JRocker you mistook for a woman? I dont think i ever mistook anyone for a woman (that i can remeber). if i did, it was prolly mana.
012) First yaoi pairing you saw? somewhere in dir en grey
013) First yaoi pairing you became a fan of? i'm not really a fan of yaoi pairngs
014) First Asian Kung-Fu Generation song? "haruka kanata"
015) First B'z song? I've heared of them, but not of any of their songs
016) First baroque song? "tight"
017) First BLOOD song? I've heared of them...
018) First Buck-Tick song? "GLAMOROUS"
019) First Deadman song? never heared of them
020) First D'espairsRay song? "garnet"
021) First Dir en grey song? CAGE ALL THE WAY!
022) First Due'le Quartz song? "manji karame"
023) First Duel Jewel song? The only song i heared was their cover on "Akuro no Oka" by dir en grey (i think i'm most liekly wrong)
024) First Gackt song? emu for my dear
025) First Gazette song? "sumire"
026) First GLAY song? 'missing you"
027) First hide song? "pink spider"
028) First Hyde song? "Hello"
029) First Iceman song? never heared of them xD
030) First J song? "Ajia no junshin" puffy ami yumi
031) First Janne da Arc song? i've heared of them
032) First Kagerou song? look up above yo'
033) First Kagrra song? Shiroi Mashu (whens this thing gonna end?!)
034) First L'Arc~en~Ciel song? "feeling fine" and "coming closer"
035) First La'Cryma Christi song? oooh pretty name!! uhh, but yah i've heared of them
036) First Lareine song? "paris wa akiiro"
037) First Luna Sea song? i think it was called "sayonara"
038) First Malice Mizer song? BEAST OF BLOOD!! YAYAYAY! O(>v<)o
039) First Merry song? hered of them
040) First Miyavi song? JI-BUN-KAKUMEI -2003-!
041) First Moi dix Mois song? "Pessimiste"
042) First MUCC song? i've heared of them
043) First Nightmare song? look above!
044) First PENICILLIN song? i wish i heared of them :[
045) First Pierrot song? mad sky (teh sexy~~~~nesss yum :3)
046) First Plastic Tree song? i wanna hear one of their songs!
047) First Psycho le Cemu song? "summer spring winter fall" (i think thats the name)
048) First Raphael song? heared of them
049) First SADS song? Like@Angel or Children of the Revolution<3
050) First Schwarz Stein song? you know... i just noticed it was asking "first" not "favorite" XDDD;; oh well, my firsts are usually my fav anyways
051) First SHAZNA song? sumire september love (it was so/too happy, but it grew on me anyways XD)
052) First Shiina Ringo song? "shuukyou!"<33
053) First Siam Shade song? i saw one of his pv's on pop.japan tv and he was pretty good
054) First Sugizo song? aww man... *runs to find a sugizo song to listen to*
055) First Tetsu69 song? i wanna hear!
056) First TRANSTIC NERVE song? never heared of them
057) First X Japan song? KURENAI ni somatta kono ore wo!!!! *dances*

058) Favorite band? Dir en grey... always and forever.
059) Favorite band musically? its hard to choose
060) Favorite band physically (eye-candy)? Alice Nine
061) Favorite Indies band? Phantasmagoria
062) Favorite JRocker? Kyo ;3
063) Favorite vocalist? Kyo, Riku, MIYAVI!, Gackt
064) Favorite guitarist? Kaoru
065) Favorite bassist? Toshiya and Kisaki. coz they're sexy. x]
067) Favorite pianist/keyboardist? Yoshiki and Gackt
068) Favorite song? "Cage"
069) Favorite PV? "Material Pain" Phantasmagoria
070) Favorite Live? DIR EN GREY LA LIVE coz we actually were there. (thanks so much drea!!<3333)
071) Favorite clip? OH DENG!! XDDD theres too many! anything from diru's guaze/macabre era, and the one where kirito is riding around on a tiny bicycle with a knife in his hand back stage. XDD (i love dem dorky jrockers)
072) Favorite Gackt commercial? the one where he fell off the horse. and prolly a lot more other. <3 xD
073) Favorite couple? i dont have one

______This Or That?______
074) Skirt or pants? i like pants better.
075) Mana or Izam? Mana. no Izam. no... I DUNNO! maybe mana.
076) Kyo or Tatsurou? Kyo!
077) Gackt or Miyavi? WAAGGHHH!!! T^T *spins around in a circle* miyavi!
078) Taiji or Heath? Heath
079) J or Sugizo? Sugizo
080) Yoshiki: Long hair or short? Short
081) Ken: Facial hair or none? Facial hair. ehhehehe..
082) Aya: Boy or girl? awww *huggles you* I don't really care, but you'd make a pretty girl. <3
083) Kirito: Gay or straight? straight!
084) Daisuke: Make-up or none? Which one? o_O
085) hide: Dead or alive? Alive, I want him to come back....
086) Gackt x Hyde or Hyde x Gackt? GacktxHyde... coz gackt seems like he'd make the first move anyways xD

______Which JRocker Is Most...______
087) Adorable? Kyo (i'm sorry, i cant help myseld x3;;;; )
088) Annoying? i dont find any annoying
089) Attractive? Gackt/Toshiya
090) Bishi? gackt
091) Childish? Meev-kun *pokes him* X3
092) Cute? i really really REALLY can't help myself, and I know I shouldn't....... kyo.
093) Disturbing? hmmmm
094) Dorky? Totchi
095) Edible? ALL OF THEM! :D!
096) Feminine? Mana
097) Frightening? Kyo. or Seek.
098) Gay? uhhh
099) Masculine? shinya is manly love. <3
100) Otaku? psycho le cemu (they remind me of cosplay)
101) Reserved? Shinya
102) Sex-able? thats a hard question... xD;;;
103) Talented? Gackt
104) Zealous? uh...Gackt.

____First JRocker That Comes To Mind______
105) Abs: Kyo
106) Alcohol: Die
107) Alien: Gackt
108) Ass: Sugizo
109) Bondage: Mana
110) Chicken: Miyavi
111) Dictator: Hyde
112) Engrish: Shiina Ringo
113) Food: Totchi
114) Goth: Klaha
115) Hentai: Toshiya
116) Hump: Toshiya
117) Kimono: Gackt/Miyavi
118) Kinky: Aya
119) Leather: Die
120) Moon: Gackt
121) Piercing: Kyo
122) Platforms: Shinya
123) Sex: Toshiya again XDD;;
124) Smoking: Toshiya
125) Vanilla: Gackt/Toshiya (i keep on thinking bout toshiya)
126) Visual: dir en grey waaay back

______Place A JRocker______
127) America: Riku
128) China: Miyavi
129) France: Mana
130) Hawaii: Hiroto
131) Hospital: Kyo
132) Japan: ironically this is a hard question.. XDD;;;;
133) Los Angeles: Yoshiki
134) Mars: Gackt~
135) McDonald's: Miyavi... ahahah. I have an icon of that
136) Merry-go-Round: Psycho Le Cemu!
137) Movie Theater: Toshiya
138) Okinawa: Kiyoharu
139) Pet Store: -for some reason gackt. xD
140) Pharmacy: Shiina Ringo
141) Supermarket: I somehow see Tetsu buying milk.
142) Sushi Bar: Shou
143) The North Pole: pierrot... they remind me of snow

______Who's Most Likely...______
144) To get the stuffing beat out of them? hmmmm
145) To get kidnapped? Gackt
146) To have kids? Gackt
147) To eat kids? bwahahahah.
148) An actual woman? Mana
149) An evil spy? Miyu. shinya sent is dog out to get you. >:]
150) A government agent? Miyavi XDDD
151) An alien? Gackt
152) American? Hyde
153) To rule Japan? miyavi >x]
154) To rule the world? MIYAVI! >D!!!!!!!!!!
155) To go bald? hmmmmm
156) To get braces? uhhhh
157) To go into retirement first? the one that has the oldest people

______What Would You Do If...______
158) Gackt quit writing music? I'd hunt him down and yell "WATDAKHANFLABBITAREYOUTHINKIN'?!?!" and tie him to a piano.
159) Toshiya got braces? aww... it might look cute?
160) Yoshiki went bald? NO!! ;_;
161) Klaha bleached his hair? cool!!!
162) Mana became Japan's next Prime Minister? it'll be harajuku all the way. <3
163) hide appeared in your room? I'd ask him so many questions..
164) Koshi stopped singing? no! :[!
165) Jiro sat on you? :D......................................
166) Miyavi bit you? bite him back
167) Yasu spanked you? I'd feel better if i knew who that was
168) Hyde glomped you? glomp himxmillion back
169) Sugizo mooned you? have this look on my face O____O;;;
170) Yukke poked you? poke him back. i poke hard. really i do.
171) Sakura offered you a joint? whos that?
172) Izumi could kick Jet Li's ass? hahahha that would be amusing.
173) They made a Psycho le Cemu anime? I'd watch it! xD
174) Akira [baroque] became your new classmate/co-worker? i'd be his best friend.. :D....
175) Kozi poked you in the eye? bite him
176) Hakuei gave you a lapdance? hahahah XD
177) Kirito was your roommate? I'd be in heaven!!<33
178) seek wanted to take a stroll through your neighborhood? I'd be a little... scared...
179) Levin started speaking Spanish? Who's that? (tries to remeber that pedro, monique, and stephanie taught her o__o;;)
180) Hisashi decided to wear a mohawk? wait.. its on the tip of my tougne... *cant think*
181) Kyo did parapara? AWW!! that'd be... extremely cute. O_____O;;;;
182) Chachamaru cut his hair? chachamaru, chachamaru..
183) Toshi left his cult? :[ but its his choice
184) Sakito assassinated the Emperor of Japan? i'd say that he could hide in my closet
185) Ryou popped out of your closet? jump and hug him *_____________________* <3333
186) Takuro picked his nose during an interview? I'd make a face and laugh

187) First JRock song you ever heard? "sayonara" gackt
188) Song that best captures JRock? well what i can say... i think the song that has a bit of everything in it is emu for my dear by gackt
189) Song best performed live? the gackt songs
190) Song that turns you on? mitsu to tsuba - dir en grey
191) Sappiest? sumire september love- shazna
192) Happiest? U+K, Sumire September love, arritake no ai de
193) Saddest? "TEARS" x japan
194) Best for head-banging? Any of Dir en grey's songs from Vulgar-Withering to Death
195) Best for dancing? "U+K" gackt :D
196) Best for driving? "Ready Steady Go" L'arc
197) Best for summer? "Feeling Fine" Laruku
198) Best for winter? a Gackt song, or "onpu no tegami" myv, or "Fairy Times Memory" Phantasmagoria
199) Best for Halloween? Moi Dix Mois
200) Best for Christmas? -Gackt's 12Gatsu no Love song
201) Best party song? oh geez xD... Vanilla or Papa Lapped a Pap Lopped
202) Makes you hungry? "Candy Holic" Ancafe (i think thats the name)
203) Makes you sleepy? Hoshi no suna- gackt
204) Makes you angry? None, really.
205) Makes you hyper? "happi endo no uta" myv... or alot of songs
206) Makes you think of snow? "power snow" pierrot or "last song" gackt
207) Makes you think of flowers? "feeling fine" laruku, "kofukuron" shiina ringo
208) Makes you think of vampires? "Beast of Blood" malice mizer
209) Makes you think of the moon? Tsuki no Uta or Lu:Na from Gackt
210) Makes you think of water? "onpu no tegami" myv
211) Makes you think of rain? "Endless Rain"
212) Song you'd like played at your wedding? Arittake no Aide by Gackt
213) Song you'd like played at your funeral? "Last Song" gackt or "TEARS" X Japan... yeah tears.
214) Song that would go best in a movie? "Orenji no Taiyou"
215) Song that would go best in an anime? "Feeling Fine"
216) Song that would go best in a video game? Gackt songs!
217) Best intro? "U+K", "shuukyou"shiina ringo
218) Best ending? "shuukyou" shiina ringo
219) Best guitar solo? i cant think of one
220) Best bass line? "Cage" diru
221) Best acoustic guitar work? "Night in Girl" Miyavi
222) Best piano work? "Kanojo -instrumental-" GLAY
223) Best drum work? X JAPAN! can't recall the name right now speciffically though
224) Best vocals? Gackt
225) Best written? "U+K" Gackt... denggit all of them.

______What Would You Do/Say if You Met...______
263) B'z: Koshi? hi!
264) B'z: Tak? hi!!
265) baroque: Ryou? I your voice makes me wanna dance sometimes. eheh.
266) baroque: Kei? Hi!!!
267) baroque: Akira? Hi!!
268) baroque: Bansaku? Hi!!!
269) Dir en grey: Kaoru? I have always wanted to ask you this, can I touch your hair?
270) Dir en grey: Die? :]!!
269) Dir en grey: Toshiya? TOTCHI!!! *hugs*
272) Dir en grey: Shinya? You're pretty. :DDDDD <3
273) Dir en grey: Kyo? What I'd most likely REALLY do (coz i wasn't honest with the others)... stare at him in shock for 3 seconds and say "GOMEN NASAI!!" bow, and run away. T_________________________T;;;
274) Due'le Quartz: awww.. I love you guys! I wish you were still together.
275) Miyavi? give him a BIG ol' hug and give him some candy :D
really honestly i dunno.... o____o;;; i'd prolly not say anything if i really did.

WOOW!! I'M DONE!! *passes out @___________________@*
well that was fun fun. XD
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tsukino-chaan ^_~<3
28 January 2006 @ 09:09 pm
today was a-w-esomeness. x] i dunno why, but i've been in a really gloriously good mood all day today. maybe coz it was an assembly day and that they feel like it the last day of school.

in first period i asked monique if i could borrow shoes for practice coz i cant practice in my boots or they'll DIE. monique gave me piggy back ride from the band room all the way to the shed to look for her shoes coz i had no shoes on. that was fun! then monique and stephanie carried me back to the bandroom. that was fun too! :D (i like piggy back rides.)

second period- math. it was.. ehhh.. @__@ the assembly was okay. i really like the musical. i wanna see it! awww and i miss street season. except for the uniform. i hate the uniform it was evil evil EVIL. i miss being a backflag ;___;

third period... the test was frickkin hard.

fourth period... i finally finished drawing my portfolio and i was so happy i was gonna paint, but then THE STOOPID GODDAMN BELL RANG AND I WANTED TO SHOOT IT SHOOT IT SHOOT IT BLOODY MERCY.

uh.. yeh. i just really hate pencil work. xD;;

afterschool... walked around school a little. no.. or was i just getting my flag? oh well i dont remember. xD saw monique, stephanie, pedro, and ben near the hallway. debated with ben wheather '08 or '07 was better with catchy slogans like "thank heaven for '07", "it's great to be '08", "don't hate '08", "'08 apriciate" and so on. ('08 won. :D)

after went to save-ons with kandice and ana and bought cookie dough. then we walked all the way to kandice's house (you live too far.). stayed there for about 3 hours. when i came home i found my little cousin here. he harassed and tourtured my hamster. ;__;

well yeh. i'm hungry now so i'm gonna go..... xD
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tsukino-chaan ^_~<3
22 January 2006 @ 11:21 am
Happy (verry very very) late new years everyone! Sorry for being so late! T__T;; so many things been happening lately. o__o. For New Year's my family and I went to Big Bear. It wasn't snowing, but we still went sledding in artificial snow. I fell 2 times and it HURTED LIKE GAHHHHHHHH!!. ;___;! and It sucks coz it snowed riight after we left.. YOU STOOPID SKY! STOOPID NATURE AND WHOEVER CONTROLS THE WEATHER!!! T_____________________T!! and then after we went to Las Vegas. We stayed at my auntie's house where I played animal crossing alot. x3 We spent new year's at the strip infront of Circus Circus<3 and afterwards walked around looking at hotels. I wish I had $200 bucks to see Circus Soleil. (damn.) :|

heh Well anyways...

Yesterday went to Drea's bday party at Maxine's house. Soooo much fun. x3! Shane's cooking rocks yo'! Drea and I got harassed by balloons by Gregg. dood I haven't seen him in a long time! hehehehh he and Chris look alike. no matter what drea says. XD XDhahahha xP EJ and Nikki's performance was so freaaakin' cool!! They performed "The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage" (panic! at the disco). So AWESOME! O(>v<)ehe

hum I finally decided what college I wanna go to. Kyoto Seika University. They're famous for being the first school devoting a whole faculty of manga... It's like my dream school +____+ However... it's extremely expensive, competitive, and hard as hell because you have a high level in in speaking, reading and writing Japanese since all classes are taught in Japanese. eheh... i'm just about to kill myself aren't I? ;_; but NO i'm seriously up for the challenge. (: i will indeed work bloody hell into earning money and my grades and learning Japanese.

determination... yes yes.. O(>v<)o

ooohh.. I got a Tifa doll!! yay! I wish I had a cloud doll.. T_____T by the way, Does anyone know the date advent children is gonna come out?
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tsukino-chaan ^_~<3
22 December 2005 @ 08:51 pm
christmas coming near... WOOT! >v< *dances* I'm still working on this christmas drawing I'm going send out to everyone hopefully tomorrow. There's a Christmas present for me already wrapped under the tree and I keep on poking it in temptation. *poke poke* I think it's a Gambcube!! YAY! They're a little old, but I still want one :|

heheh... I spent about 2 hours wrapping my bro's present. I put at least 30 layers of wrapping paper in thanks of all the *ahem* times. What fun he'll have!! :D!

oh yeah! I'm going to Big Bear on Wednesday!!!! That means SNOW!!!!! *prayers answered* I get to play in snow now yay YAY YAY!!!!! wai, I'm so happy!! ^____________________^!!!!!!

I want that Diabolos CD by Gackt. yehp, all for "Road" and "Farewell". XP They should make a line of Japanese CD stores that don't sell bootlegs coz uhhh... I'd really like go there. XD and their manager and president would be GOD. T^T~*
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tsukino-chaan ^_~<3
23 November 2005 @ 10:38 pm
sorry guys i've been dead for a while. i've been a myspace junkie this days.. xD;;


heh. movies today. yay!

we watched harry potter. it was so cool. it was very funny.

the movies could of been better if something would of happened. *sigh* oh well. my school girl blues. T_T;

newest addiction: caramel frappicinos <3 i've been craving them SO MUCH since arcadia! i finished mine in like 10 minutes.

love ya T.A.C.O. (;

b/w (i think?) - "T.A.C.O" is the name for me, Monique, and Stephanie coz i luff them. x3
tsukino-chaan ^_~<3
02 July 2005 @ 05:25 pm
Well this week's been good. :] Monday, BEACH WITH TEH GUARDIES!! O(>v<) It was high tide so it was kinda scary boogie-boarding.. o__o And it was kinda cloudy< so it was cold . We made a sandcastle! yay!! And when we decide to get out of the water.. the stoopid sun decides comes out.. >x[ Afterwards we just pretty much hanged out at the tables. I <3 Sweet Cream ice cream. =^__^= And squirting pigeons with Diego's watergun is fun. heheheheheheh. >X]I wanna go back to the beach again.. ;_;
And then Tuesday: stayed home >x/ Wednesday: stayed home >X/
Thursday: Went to Drea's house.:D Chris was there, then Jue Meng came over and threw pillows at Chris. xD I did too, but not as much as Jue Meng. x] We drank Shirley Temples along with Dim sum (yay!!) and hot dig bites and watched Azumanga Daioh!yay! hahahahah Yomi sings bad. XD
Friday: Nyamo and I went to Wal-mart coz we were that bored. It was fun. xD But we saw a couple fighting, it was kinda akward being there. The guy took the girl's purse and ran, and it was sad because the girl just walk away after that. :/ Well, after Wal-mart we went to Starbuck, got a Caramel Frappucino and then headed home. At my house we watched Fushigi Yugi. hehe XD

Halfway throught teh vacation... mann vacation is so short! >__< I have $20 missing somewhere... dammit. =____=

ehhh... I'm just too lazy today. Might go to Skuld-chan's house today! woohoo!

<33 Tsukino
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tsukino-chaan ^_~<3
26 June 2005 @ 12:30 am
Today was delightful! <3 Went to the movies withe Skuld-chan and Nyamo and watched "Bewitched". It was an okay movie. :] Then we played DDR and it was cool because someone already put a dollar in and there was no one guarding the DDR machine so that means TWO FREE GAMES!!! O(>v<) oh man, I LOVE their DDR machine!! It's not like the crapped up ones at the arcades at the mall. :| After we went to Starbucks, ordered a Mint Mocha Chip (hehe those make me hyper :]! no wonder i'm so awake and bouncy right now :]!) and headed to Wal-Mart coz I wanted to buy beach shorts for the beach on Monday :D! mann... Hopefully I get to go... :[ stupid eczema. >:[ Eczema is a billion bites in the butt. Period. >:[ Well then after, we decided to go to Carl's Jr. and relized it's 10:40. Nyamo's sister called and told her about this curfew where kids aren't supposed to be out after 10pm and if you get caught by the police, you have to go to cout and maybe get sent to juvinal hall and community survice. We kinda got scared a little. ^^;; ehhh I made it home before my mom did though, which was a little beofre 11. Thank goodness... =___=

hehe I watched Zack and Cody when I got home. AAAWWW!! IT WAS SO CUTE!! =^__________^= It was the episode about Maddie's prom, haha I couldn't help but feel all giggly and giddy throught the whole show. XD <3

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tsukino-chaan ^_~<3
25 June 2005 @ 12:07 pm
List 20 of your friends.

1. Nyamo
2. Skuld-chan
3. Hikaru
4. Drea
5. Robin
6. Mango
7. Alex
8. Michelle
9. Monique
10. Stephanie
11. Cassie
12. Marina
13. Umeko-chan
14. Arima
15. Darrell
16. Kandice
17. Stacey
18. Norma
19. Monica
20. Danny

When was the last time you saw #12? Yesterday at Wal-Mart

What's the last thing you and #4 did together? I hugged her because she couldn't going to be in guard anymore.. :[

What was the last thing you and #16 talked about? Very very random things. XD

Who did #5 last date? No one.

What's #20's best feature? I want his guard skills!!! T__________T!

What were you last mad at #2 for? I was never mad at her..

Who's #17's best friend? I don't know..

Is/was #6 in any of your classes? COLORGUARD!! :D

How did you meet #11? Neopets :3

Does #1 have any siblings? Yes. Her little brother looks like a girl when he ties up his hair. XD

How many years have you and #3 been friends? about 4 years

What does #19 want to be when they grow up? An interior designer

What's #9's middle name? I dunno.. T_T

Who's the last person #18 dated? I don't know

Who does #14 have a crush on? I deep deeeeeeeeeeep down he likes Umeko-chan!! I just know it~!!! >xD

Who last broke #15's heart? I don't really know.. maybe it was Marianne

What clique does #7 fit into at school? I can't really describe it but he loves the color black and he cares about his repuatation ALOT. ^^;;

Where is #13 right now? In Cypress?

Has your mom ever met #10? No

Who's #8's worst enemy? I don't know..

[Part 2]
List 20 of your friends.

1. Nyamo
2. Skuld-chan
3. Hikaru
4. Drea
5. Robin
6. Mango
7. Alex
8. Michelle
9. Monique
10. Stephanie
11. Cassie
12. Marina
13. Umeko-chan
14. Arima
15. Darrell
16. Kandice
17. Stacey
18. Norma
19. Monica
20. Danny

Is #9 a boy or a girl? A girl

Would #1 and #2 make a cute couple? hahahaha!! XD well, they'd make the perfect duo. xD

How about #18 and #4? I don't think they know each other.. ^_^;;;;;;;

What grade is #17 in? Going to 10th

When was the last time you talked to #12? Yesterday

What is #6's favorite band? I don't know.. ^^;;;

Does #11 have any siblings? No

Would you ever date #3? Sure! XD

Would you ever date #7? that's nyamo's.. brother... o.O

Is #16 single? Yes

What's #15's last name? Bush

What's #10's middle name? I don't know.. ^^;;;;

What's #5's favorite thing to do? Harass Nyamo xD;;;;

Is #13 hot? oh yeh! <3

Would #14 and #19 make a good couple? Once again, I don't think they know each other.. ^^;;;;

What school does #20 go to? Montgomery High

Tell me a random fact about #11. We met on neopets, and that's how we became penpals. :]

And #9? She's one of the people I'm comfortable with talking about the people I dislike.

And #3? She's my bestest jrock/cosplay/gothic&lolita/claiming sexy guys/manga writing partner ever!!O(>v<)O hahhahaha! I claimed Cody!! I claimed Cody!! HAHAHAhahahaHAHAHahaha!! *dances around* XD

Where does #4 live? In teh same neighborhood as me :D

What's #8's favorite color? Black?

Would you make out with #19? hehehehhe I think she's slap me first. XD

Are #5 and #6 best friends? They don't know each other.. ^^;;

Does #7 like #20? I think they know who each other is at least.. ^^;;

Does #8 like #19? They don't know each other.. ^^;;

How did you meet #2? Nyamo introuduced her to me when we were in 2nd grade. :D

How did you meet #8? At Drea's 13th birthday I think..

Does #10 have any pets? Yes.

Is #12 older than you? No. I'm a few months older.

Is #17 the sexiest person alive, or what?! yeh.. She's really sexy. ;3
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tsukino-chaan ^_~<3
23 June 2005 @ 10:46 pm
Today I had guard practice. We did dance work; it went by really fast. 4 hour practices seems to go by faster than regular afterschool ones. Wilfred put a little "spirit" in colorguard practices by using claps from ASB camp. XD oh man, they remind me so much of 6th grade camp! xDD I miss those days.

I couldn't find my house key today, so I took the bus to Wal=Mart since my mom works there. I saw Marina there, and we looked at fishies. :D There were these big fish that were eating up this one smaller fish while it was still alive!! THAT WAS SAD!! T^T!!! I also almost lost my fundraiser envelope with $120 worth of tickets inside. ehe.. I left it in the bathroom. ^____________^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; It ended up in the lost and found, and my life was saved. :D

And Father's Day went okay. Cept for one thing. o_O I was using the computer with my two cousins in the same room watching T.V. Then one of my cousins came up and overlooked what I was doing on the computer and trying to make up a conversation with me about what I was looking at (eBay). Then I felt something (a human bodypart) that kept on touching me...... o.O... I thought it was an accident so I just let it go. But then I feel it a couple of more times. I thought it was suspicious, so I moved more to the right of the chair (away from him). Then I started looking at the mirror often, then I just happen to see my cousin's hand POKING my boob!! X_________________________________________< dood, cousins aren't supposed to do that to cousins, especially when they're 12!!! >___O! So I made this sorta "boob protector" thing and just went into the room and saying, "Oh, I'm just cold. ^__^" hehhe but he knows I know he's a icky little pervert now. >xD

... man I hope this summer is going to be like last summer, except maybe a little better. I'm really looking foward to the guard hangouts. :D! eh. I dunno. I just like the mood of summer. xD

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